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Jennifer Amorelli; is an American actress and film maker from
California. She started her career in indie film, stage and True Blood
as a Were Wolf. Recent in 2014 her recent line of work as Line Producer
in the Feature Film; "Silent Cry Aloud" Starring Karen Malina White
with Director Erika Rogers.

Jennifer is Very Talented as a actress and film maker.

TV Critic Larry Broady had this to say of Jennifer Amorelli; Our
feelings on all this are pretty simple. We think Jennifer Amorelli's a
very talented filmmaker. And we think that, given her totally realistic
perspective, she'd be a very good friend. (Not that we're pushing the
friend thing, oh no, that's not our style.)

Jennifer Amorelli still resides in California and continues her career as an actress;
in her words "Like a Lightning Bolt" hit it twice.

Some interesting notes about Jennifer:
* Jennifer is a non religious but spiritual and intuitive person.
* Has never did drugs
* Loves animals 
* Stays fit 
* is into rock and metal

Photos by Jennifer Amorelli



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